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Adding some spice to a virtual chicken wing eating competition

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Chicken chased by mouths

Run chicken run

Amazon's AWS team has a massive yearly event in December called RE:Invent. Thousands gather here in Las Vegas to learn about the latest and greatest from AWS. During this event, there is a recurring and growing Tatonka Chicken wing eating contest, where, as you might have guessed, participants eat chicken (or vega) wings - as many as possible.

AWS asked MediaMonks to turn this tradition into a fun virtual game igniting and hyping the fans up for the upcoming event.

For this great and fun project, I was involved with the game pitch & production. The focus was to create a fun game where the mechanic was as simple and versatile as possible for the various platforms it needed. With the added benefit that a simple game mechanic makes a game run and go - literally. No need for a tutorial.

Chicken running through the window AWS Tatonka game

To add the finishing spice to the game, we focused on the various ways the chicken could meet its demise. With the RE:Invent elements incorporated and with in-between levels showing various festival activities.

It's a fun game I'm proud of try it out here.

Game intro animation of the main menu and chicken AWS Tatonka Chicken Game
Chicken jumping around AWS Tatonka Chicken Game
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