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Google Market Finder is a tool that helps you discover new markets for your businesses

This fun-filled vertical scroller, made in the good old pre-covid times, introduces businesses to new markets where they can expand abroad. Get local-market insights and tips in a virtual flight where you’re tasked to collect coins and avoid hazards. Play it on desktop, mobile, and even on an old-school arcade.

We gamified Google’s nifty Market Finder platform that helps businesses expand abroad with industry insights and local-market tips based on their website’s metadata. Transforming the localised facts and figures into a virtual flight, the game has you collecting coins, avoiding hazards, and answering quiz questions to learn more about your new market. We made the game educational and engaging through an easy-to-play mechanic and a simple yet charming top-down vertical scroller gameplay. In addition to designing and developing the desktop and mobile game, we built a physical arcade version to level up pre-covid Google events across Europe.

Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative
Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative
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