Built for the Google Next event of 2020

Combining case studies to showcase the power and potential of Google’s High Performance Cloud computing

Google NEXT is a yearly event for developers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders using or interested in the latest cloud computing technology. For Google, we created a website to showcase the benefits of high-performance computing on Google Cloud, we combined four inspiring real world cases into one powerful experience. The isometrically illustrated experience revolves around the stories from widely different disciplines that all use a supercomputer to solve complex challenges facing humanity. Through interacting with the stories, visitors quickly grow their understanding of supercomputers and the major difference cloud-based solutions can make.

Originally created for Next ‘20, we reworked the concept to let people explore the experience from the safety of their homes. We created and coded the entire experience while also handling all of its colourfully animated contents.

This project was an example of quickly working with different teams around the globe. With illustration, development and animation being in Buenos Aires, client and creative director in Los Angeles and creative and copy sitting in Amsterdam, we had a fast moving project that was going nearly 24/7.

It was with this big and dedicated team that we worked hard on creating a simple, clear yet powerful experience revealing the benefits of something as intricate as high power cloud computing - aka cloud supercomputers. With the audience being a diverse group of potential users, the explanation of what Cloud Computing has to offer them needed to be wide enough to tackle all the various interests one could have, yet concrete enough all skill levels would learn more about its possibilities and potential for them.

Google NEXT HPC Interactive microsite

The main goal of the creative was to turn something complex into something understandable, and to show all the potential and benefits to the widest possible audience, without having an oversimplified linear story. This was achieved by fine tuning all the messaging to the core it was about: The flexibility and various use cases of cloud computing was told through the 4 (very) different real world user stories, where you could see how a local solution brought different limitations with it compared to the cloud solution, highlighted by switching from local to the cloud. With the benefits of the switch being told from the end users perspective.

In a short amount of time the Next: Google HPC site was launched with succes: Beautiful vector illustrations and animations fine tuned to a clean, pleasing and clear colorful world surrounding it.

Next project