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Censored articles become uncensored books inside Minecraft. The Uncensored Library brings the truth back into countries without press freedom.

Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative

Using Minecraft to circumvent cyber censorship. Since Minecraft is freely available around the globe, we opened a virtual library of locally censored articles inside it on World Day Against Cyber Censorship. People can access the library freely and roam the 12.5 million-block structure to find articles that are otherwise inaccessible in their country. As part of the effort, we designed and developed a campaign site to drive public awareness for cyber censorship through the one library in the world where silence is discouraged.

In many countries, websites, social media and blogs are controlled by oppressive leaders. Young people, in particular, are forced to grow up in systems where their opinion is heavily manipulated by governmental disinformation campaigns. But even where almost all media is blocked or controlled, the world’s most successful computer game is still accessible. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) uses this loophole to bypass internet censorship to bring back the truth – within Minecraft.

Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative

Part of this project was ironically - the website. Probably blocked in some countries at this point, but I had the honor to work on it. Through this website people could find the link to the server where they could find the game or download guides that would help you get to the game/server. Another big part was to give a good and clear preview of what the server has to offer. Through WebGL & cubemaps we give you that sneak peak and quick walk through the map. A fun for good project with the amazing minds at DDB° Berlin.

Check out the site for more information here.

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Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative
Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital XR Creative
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