Bringing Oreos to the metaverse

Bringing the Most Oreo Oreo to the metaverse, we’ve built games for VR, web & mobile






Creative & Lead Creative


The Martin Agency

The VR world in Meta's Horizon World

On Meta's Horizon World, we designed a 6-level experience where fans can compete in-headset, inspired by the new Most OREO OREO. From stacking the Oreo, to exploring a maze, catching Oreo's, launching Oreo's into clouds, feeding a mouth with a catapult Oreo and jumping into a massive glass of milk.

The Web(GL) game

With inclusivity and accessibility in mind, we also developed a web 2.0 version so fans can get in on all the fun stuff no matter what. You can even watch a little speed-run from a player here.

Watch speedrun

The Social Multiplayer Game

And finally, we create a mobile first multiplayer where fans could compete against each other to see who could toss the most Oreo Oreo's into the big red mouth within the time limit.