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Using image recognition for one amazing way to discover the world.



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DDB Hamburg




FWA Site of the day

One of my favorite projects at Media.Monks. A machine learning-powered, image recognition microsite that allows you to discover the vast and complex beauties of earth, all through pictures you take.

Step 1 – Google Image Recognition API analyses your picture

Step 2 – We connect what the API sees to our massive database full of amazing places and stories. That interconnect itself remains a trade secret.

There were a lot of challenges, but the main one was finding the right formula and technical approach to connect the results of the image recognition tool to the different locations across the world, in a way that was meaningful and created interesting results. 

We built the tool in a way that was easy and self-explanatory to use but also explained how it came to its result. We brought the user along for the ride, using icons to show what was being recognized in the image input, and how that was related to the destination output. 

Then we used text to explain in more detail why the destination of your choice was such a great connection. 

The tool worked impressively well with surprising and interesting world locations for you to explore.