Using Minecraft to circumvent cyber censorship

Censored articles become uncensored books inside Minecraft. The Uncensored Library brings the truth back into countries without press freedom.




Reporters Without Borders


DDB° Berlin


Lion - Gold
Clio - Bronze, gold, Grand Clio
D&AD - Graphite, Wood, Yellow
Reggie - Gold
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Building on the success of Titanium Lion-winner, The Uncensored Playlist, we used Minecraft to circumvent cyber censorship once more. Since Minecraft is freely available around the globe, we opened a virtual library of locally censored articles inside it on World Day Against Cyber Censorship. People can access the library freely and roam the 12.5 million-block structure to find articles that are otherwise inaccessible in their country. As part of the effort, we designed and developed a campaign site to drive public awareness for cyber censorship through the one library in the world where silence is discouraged.