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VR world exploring game created to tease the anime series Eden's launch

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Eden gameplay with differrent times of day

Explore the world of Eden through the main characters bike, in this smooth VR ride

For Netflix’s new anime show Eden, we created an anime world that you can explore in VR! Made for the Quest 1 & 2, we tease the show and its vast beautiful landscapes of greenery, deserts, forests and open fields.

Drive as far as you can to explore this beautiful landscape.

The VR game sets on to create a calming gaming experience, where you’re motivated to try to explore as much as possible from the world of Eden. The gameplay is focus around a simple mechanic derived the story told in the series: Appels fuelling the natural cycle of life.

In the background, the game slowly but steadily becomes harder as the fuel becomes scarcer. But, that is the core of the gameplay. The user has full control over throttle and braking, allowing for all gamers alike to explore Eden on their own comfortable term.

To tease the show to its fullest, we have little story moments at the beginning of the exploration sequence, that give a glimpse of the backstory of this universe. With sights to behold all playing a part are watching.

This creates a flexible and VR friendly way of interacting with the UI while being less intrusive in the storytelling and narrative of the experience. in that story, the user picks up a holodisk to watch moments of the show while the VO explains what they

Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital Creative
Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital Creative

The game was created and finished with a small team working tirelessly on the project, with many twists and turns along the way. A big shout out goes to the dev and 3D team, who’ve created a real masterpiece that runs well on very limited hardware. It was with many creative and technical challenges, but the end result is something to be proud of. With a true world discovering gameplay where beauty and vastness where created on something that runs on a small mobile APU.

Jurriaan Gossink Portfolio Digital Creative

If you have a Quest, try it on AppLab here.

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