I'm Jurriaan Gossink,
Creative at MediaMonks.

About me

A bit of your typical atypical nerd? Introvert by nature, but I turn into a giggly kid when I have a VR headset on. Some history to this giggly kid: Born in the Netherlands (Son & Breugel - Brabant yet not a carnival fan), moved to Caen (France) when I was 6 - which is pronounced like Cannes but sadly it's the wrong one - then moved back to the Netherlands at age 12. Did the mandatory school thing & side hustled as a forklift driver at a massive cookie factory, which was as epic as it sounds (Willy Wonka but cookies minus the great colours & small people).

Started studying graphic design and *BAM*, learned that code wasn't all that scary there. This sparked my love for pretty much everything digital & tech hardware. But, I wasn't satisfied yet and wanted to dive deeper into the crazy world of creativity & concepting. So I studied advertising at the WdKA.
Present day: Part of the brand spanking new Extended Realities team which is incredibly exciting. Hope on bridging the gap a bit in what is possible and the creative for both AR and VR.

Lot's of blabla, have the important stuff here:


Willem de Kooning
Bachelor in Arts & Advertising.
MBO Graphic Design.

Learning on my own is important to me, with coding and 3D development usually being overshadowed by the learnings needed for the projects I'm working on.


Core Team Creative
Since 2021.
XR Creative
For 1 year.
Junior Creative
MediaMonks since 2018.
Graphic Designer
Freelance for 6 years during studies.
Intern Creative
At the creative agency ThisThat+TheOther.
Intern Graphic Design
Design Boutique Dutchy Design Amsterdam.
Selected Projects